About De Clique

De Clique was established in Utrecht, in 2019, by experienced entrepreneurs Anja Cheriakova (BinBang) and Bas van Abel (Fairphone) to combat wasting valuable urban resources. Many current flows of organic waste, such as coffee grounds, cuttings, and food waste, are thrown out with the non-recyclable waste. Consequently, these valuable organics are destroyed in incinerators. As a result, the potential of a large part of the residual organic waste flows is barely utilised. By properly separating these flows and the packaging materials at the source, they can be reused as resources for new products.

De Clique has developed a resource service for the separation and CO2-neutral collection of these organic waste flows from companies, supermarkets, and hospitality facilities. The initiative was launched in Utrecht and, today, there are over 60 clients, including shopping centre Hoog Catharijne and Utrecht University, where organic waste and packaging materials are collected. Apart from its own facilities, De Clique cooperates with a network of partners that handle the processing and production of products like soap, tea, beer, bread, oyster mushroom products, animal feed, and compost. Several of the products are sold back to the clients, thus closing the cycle.

De Clique plans to roll out its services to other cities as well. Utrecht will act as the blueprint for the scaling.

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